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Sunday 2 December 2007

Fundraiser for Bec

Last night we were the first act in what turned out to be a quality line-up. We were back at Sunset Rock Uniting, taking part in a fundraising evening for Bec. She is heading off to Calcutta for a couple of weeks in January to spend time working with and helping some of the local people there as part of Pilgrimage of Hope.

We started off the night, and had a very good set. I will admit that in our final song, it took until half-way through for me to realise that I don't normally play bass for that one. I muddled my way through, but I suspect it was probably just an excuse for Paul to give his shiny new Fender guitar an extra run.

Funnily enough, I don't have any photos of us performing, but here's Liz, Jane and Peter just before we went on:Liz, Jane and Peter

The very pleasant surprise was that following us, was South Australian's own Chris Finnen. Wow! Chris kindly helped out by squeezing in a set in between performing in the Adelaide Guitar Festival. He was awesome.


Following Chris was Robby Bowler accompanied on percussion by Jeff. Not even the PA stopping for 5 minutes could stop Robby doing a great performance.

It was getting a little late, and I was wondering what could possibly cap off a great night?

Carrol Karpany could, and did! Using voice, guitar, didgeridoo and tapping sticks and video he add another flavour to a wonderful mix of talent and music.

It was a great night and we really enjoyed being a part.

If I can get some more photos, I'll add them in.

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